Commitment to supporting disability is one of the “creeds” of L’Etrusque, a volunteer member of the Dare Women! Committed women who dare thanks to their president, Frédérique Picard – Le Bihan! What is DareWomen? DareWomen is an association, created in 2019 to encourage women to DARE, to challenge themselves, to realise their dreams, and thus, to be ever more daring. DareWomen is conceived by men and women and acts in France, Lebanon and Africa. To encourage women to dare, to speak out, to assume their convictions and to make their dreams come true, DareWomen organises trips to meet daring women (DareTrip), interviews with personalities who talk to us about daring and give us their keys and advice (DareTalk), and seminars and workshops to gain self-confidence (DareTraining). We also organise courses combining individual coaching, collective intelligence and specific workshops. Although DareWomen takes all women into account, there are 4 distinct poles in the association that work in symbiosis: DareWomenHandicap helps women with disabilities to shine, to fight against the prejudices of civil society and companies, and to facilitate their professional integration and their retention in employment. DareWomenJeunes targets young women in search of inspiring jet personalities and supports one project per year DareWomenEntrepreneures targets young women in search of inspiring personalities and supports one project per year DareWomenMiddleEast accompanies develops employability, promotes women’s entrepreneurship and builds support programmes for women entrepreneurs.
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