Our "Intuitu personae" approach

More than anything, we value “Service”: the function of someone who serves a cause or helps a person. Every company and every manager is unique, therefore every communications strategy needs to be unique to meet the company’s specific branding and business challenges.

A customized approach integrating...


Strategic council

Analysis of your company strategic issues within its sector. What are the strategic issues for the company: which markets does it want to be present in? Which customers do you want to target first? What products or services does it want to offer? How does it want to position itself in relation to its competitors? Articulation of its messages: The right messages, at the right time, delivered through the right channels.


Multi-target communication programs

Design and implementation of programs to enhance its visibility and notoriety towards its various target audiences and its ecosystem: keeping the brand alive to journalists, influencers, prospects, partners and institutions. Corporate, B2B and Consumer communication.


C-Level Support & Training

By definition, managers are alone when it comes to taking decisions, and do not always have an Internal Communications Director to support them in implementing these decisions: Advice and prepare for the media performance. Messages & Media-Training.

FOCUS: Supporting managers in the media exercise


Hone your messages

Strategic advice Opportunity for the spokesperson to structure key messages, make them his own and respond to sensitive issues.


Prepare for media performance

Half a day to a day of training with a potential training journalist to :

  • Be in the real conditions of interview (TV, broadcast, print)
  • Practice
  • Hone the skills to answer interviews - oral and body language
  • Every training is filmed and followed by immediate debriefing to allow the spokesperson to improve quickly. A follow-up by phone is provided after the media-training and before the interview in order to remind the principles instilled during the training session


Understand media landscape and journalists' expectations

In addition to the practical part, which accounts for 90% of the training, there is a theoretical session with a presentation of the media landscape.